Letting go.

Letting go.

On this day, my 33rd birthday – I am letting go.


I am letting go of perfection in pursuit of something more //

            In pursuit of progress; in spite of imperfection. 

I am letting go of fear //

            The fear of failure; of vulnerability; of judgment.

I am letting go of comfort //

            Because without discomfort, there will be no growth.

I am letting go of boundaries, limitations, confines //

            That I have placed on myself; that have been placed on me by others.

 I am letting go of expectations //

            That don’t serve me; or that any of this should be easy. 

I am letting go of the things that hold me back //

            Misplaced priorities; the opinions of others; my own limiting beliefs. 

It will take work. It will take courage. It will take prayer. Lots of prayer.

But this year, I will conquer fear.

I will let go – and I will let God work. 

           Through my imperfections //

           Amidst my fear //

           In my discomfort //

           Beyond my limitations & expectations //

           Because through Him, my ordinary can become extraordinary and nothing is impossible. 


Hard is Hard.

Hard is Hard.

Dear Lakyn Lee,

Dear Lakyn Lee,