Choosing Adventure

As I sat there in the back seat next to our sweet girl – who had literally just cried (screamed) herself to sleep – I let the exhaustion sink in. I was physically and mentally drained…in the best way possible. A couple months ago, the hubs came home from a day on the road and told me he’d been asked to judge a pig show in Belton, Texas. He followed that up with, “Wanna go?”

Just the thought of it made me want to take a nap. A year ago I wouldn’t have hesitated. But committing to a 1200 mile round-trip road-trip with a tiny human…I needed to think that one through. My sensible self told me it would be easier to stay home. Was it really worth all the trouble?

"An adventure is only an inconvenience rightly considered. An inconvenience is only an adventure wrongly considered."

So, Thursday morning bright and early we packed up the 3,568 things it takes to travel with a 9-month-old baby and hit the road. Here is a quick photo montage of #hummelstaketx…

Little Miss was out before we crossed the county line. It's hard work being so cute….a girl has to get her rest!

Just chillin' in Bricktown. Had a few black beans from mom's plate at Fuzzy's Taco Shop.

A beautiful day for lunch on the patio! Thanks, OKC!

Helping mom fulfill a bucketlist item!

Magnlia Gardens = #gardengoals

At THE Silos IRL. If I could love watching Fixer Upper any more…now I do.

LIttle Bit rep'ing Hummel Farms at the pig show. First time she watched Daddy judge!

First time for Mama and Bitty at the Fort Worth Stock Yards! Highlight of the stop…finding a new Charlie book by Ree Drummond - our favorite books to read with daddy!

Watching the longhorn cattle drive at the Forth Worth Stock Yards.

Bitty tries her first lick of orange sherbet! Thank you Braums!

Ended the trip just like we started it….because it was a big trip for a little bitty girl.

Insert exhaustion. We were away from home for right at 60 hours. 24 of those hours were spent traveling to or from our destination.  Crunching the numbers, it still doesn't make sense. But we packed a lot of memories into those 1200+ miles.

This kind of exhaustion is so, so good. There are a lot of things we hope to teach our little girl as she grows and learns and discovers herself…and one of those things is to always choose adventure. Even when it’s inconvenient.

With Grace,


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